What Pet Owners Need to Know before Adopting an Older Dog

Adopting an Older Dog

There are many places in Peterborough that a person can go if they are hoping to adopt a dog. Whether bringing in a new addition to a big family or for a single person, a dog can be a wonderful addition to any home. However, adopting an older dog can bring on many different challenges than bringing home a young puppy. Before going out to the Peterborough Humane Society, here are a few tips to keep in mind before adopting an older dog.

Older Dogs Are Usually Set in Their Ways

When it comes to older dogs, most of them are already set in their ways as far as temperament goes. If a person is interacting with an older dog and they seem sweet and loveable, chances are a person won’t have to worry about that dog suddenly showing signs of aggression late on in the future. However, if a person is interacting with an older dog for the first time and it is immediately showing defensive and aggressive behaviors, then it might be an issue in the future. If you are thinking of adopting an older dog that shows signs of aggression, make sure that the dog won’t be introduced to an environment in which it will constantly feel the need to be on edge. By keeping an older dog in a happy and safe environment, they are less like to suddenly lash out and attack someone, potentially causing a bad injury that will need medical attention. Older dogs aren’t more likely to attack than younger dogs, but because they are already set in their ways it can be difficult to tell right away what their reaction to things will be.

Older Dogs Might Potentially Come with More Health Issues

While it’s true that a dog of any age needs regular vet visits to make sure that they are doing good, older dogs might need a bit more medical care and regular check ups than younger puppies. Just like people, dogs need extra care and attention as they start to get older. Luckily, if you own an older dog that is prone to health issues, there are plenty of veterinarians in the Peterborough area to help take care of your pet.