Navigating Through a Rainstorm

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If you’re a North Bay native, you know we get our fair share of rainfall throughout the year. You also know that accidents tend to increase around the same time, usually due to drivers who don’t know that they should be driving differently when the road is damp. If you find yourself driving in a rainstorm there are a few small things you can do differently to minimize the odds that you’ll be one of those accidents on the side of the road.

Reduce Your Speed

Whether the road is wet from a recent storm or if it’s actually raining, you should reduce your speed when you’re on the road. The faster you go the more likely you are to hydroplane and lose control of your car. Not only are you less likely to do either at a slower rate of speed, but if you happen to lose control of your car you’re less likely to cause permanent damage and more likely to regain control more quickly. It also allows you to put more space between you and the car in front of you, letting you apply the brakes more gently since braking too hard can cause some of the same incidents.

Use Your Headlights

Even if its noon and you think you can see the road clearly, flip on your headlights while driving during a rainstorm. It will help your visibility while you’re driving, but even more it’ll help drivers behind you see your car. When the rain gets especially thick it can be difficult to spot the cars ahead of you until their tail lights come on. By the time that happens it may be too late for the person behind you to apply their brakes properly, leading to skidding cars and collisions that everyone wants to avoid.