3 Things You Should Push for in a Work-related Injuries Settlement

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In a city where just 7% of the population is in the low income tax bracket before taxation, Whitby doesn’t always seem like a place that would have a lot of work-related injuries. After all, these injuries are more likely to occur in low paying, physically demanding jobs. However, ask a personal injury lawyer: Whitby suffers from a growing number of work-related injuries and navigating a settlement is not always easy. If you’re trying to decide whether or not to accept an offered settlement, consider these 3 things before you agree for good. cffvc

  1. Money for Retraining

If you were injured on the job and things have gotten bad enough that you’re being offered a settlement not to take them to court, you’re probably not eager to return to that field of work. If you’re even able to do physical jobs after the injury that you’ve sustained. Consider that training to change careers is often expensive, and could require years of schooling or certification to pass. If you can’t work during this time, make sure that these extra costs are covered.

  1. Lost Wages

A Whitby personal injury lawyer should be up front with you: it’s tough to get all your lost wages compensated, but you should push for as much as you can. The more you ask for the higher the rate of compromise is going to be, so you should ask for everything possible. If your settlement is only dealing with the costs of your additional medical care or modifications to your home so that you can continue to live there, ask for wages too.

  1. An Excellent Recommendation

Personal injury lawyers Whitby keeps in business agree: it’s tough to get a job once you’ve taken legal action against your previous employer. Getting a clean recommendation is part of a good settlement.