3 Reasons Pet Dogs Will Attack

Every week, the Ontario SPCA receives reports about dog bites. Pet dogs will attack other dogs as well as people, and children are often the victim of dog bites. As of 2005, all towns and cities in Ontario have a ban on the ownership of pit bulls, and the dog bite reports have dropped since then. Within ten years of the ban, dog bite reports had dropped from almost 200 to 13. This is great news for Whitby, even if it means less clients for local personal injury lawyers. Whitby is home to a lot of pet dogs, but by recognizing signs of an attack before it happens, we can bring our bite numbers even lower.

  1. You Threatened Their Space

When a person invades a dog’s personal space, they will display physical signs to let you know they want you to back off. Unfortunately, many people don’t recognize the body language of a stressed out dog and end up having to call a personal injury lawyer Whitby has in the area. Stiff tail, perky ears, and constant alertness are all signs of a dog under stress. When a dog is growling, barking, and lunging, they’ve gone far beyond “stressed” and into “aggressive” instead.

  1. You Threatened Their Pack

A dog’s pack includes anyone they perceive to be their family. Other animals, people, and children can all fall under a dog’s protection. If you are acting threatening or aggressive toward a “pack member” then a dog can feel moved to attack you on their behalf. Fighting with a relative, for example, can result in serious injury if their dog takes the liberty of attacking you to keep them safe from your shouting match.

  1. They Weren’t Properly Trained

Pet dogs need training and socialization in order to thrive around people and behave properly around strangers and other dogs. When someone fails to train their animal and leaves it completely socialized and ill-tempered, it often results in a case that ends up in the lap of a Whitby personal injury lawyer.